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Geranium, Begonia And Lavender Help Gardeners Create Patriotic Gardening Ideas For Diamond Jubilee

A true gardener is an artist and can plant a garden to look like a picture of beauty, and in this year of the Diamond Jubilee gardeners are planting their gardens to honour the Queen with patriotic colours.

Gardeners all over the UK will be prompted to fly the flag for Britain and plant their gardens this year in the form of red, white and blue designs in beds, borders and containers. Blue and white lobelia, the red geranium and salvias and many other bedding favourites will be the mainstay for many borders, of course it will be a challenge to get these colours in the garden in time for the jubilee celebrations in the first week of June.

The ivy geranium can be grown in baskets and come in beautiful five-petal flowers in white with lavender markings, deep pink, purple, white, red, salmon, purple and burgundy, and can easily make a wonderful patriotic display maybe with blue and white lobelia and red geraniums all planted together, there are many plants that will offer the red, white and blue of the flag, the begonia with pure white petals also makes a wonderful hanging plant the begonia leaves are pleasantly colourful on vines that grow up to 3 feet long as they cascade over the hanging basket.

Containers are another way of flying the flag plant up a variety of plants in red, white, and blue. There a lot of garden centres and nurseries that are already tuned into the event and will supply a pack of the three colours in different plants.

Hanging baskets are a popular addition to patios, and outside walls and fences, and whether or not you want to plant up especially for the royal occasion, there are many plants that look especially great in baskets, for example the trailing verbena plant a fast-growing hanging basket plant that blossoms from spring to the hard frost season, and colours including pink, purple, white, red and lavender. The Fuchsia and petunia also make wonderful hanging basket plants.

Containers is another way to plant up different plants for pleasure, lavender plants grow well in containers, although lavender has a large, spreading root system, it prefers growing in a tight space, a pot that can accommodate the root ball with a couple of inches to spare would be a great choice.

The pot should have plenty of drainage, rot root is one of the few problems experienced by lavender plants, but remember that container grown lavender will require more water than garden grown plants.

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