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What Are Xeriscape And Hydroponic Gardening

Xeriscape (pronounced “zera-scape”) gardening is a water efficient method of gardening. While the term Xeriscape gardening can sound intimidating to some, it is actually a simple method of gardening that can be used for many different types of gardening. Rather than replacing the way you currently do your gardening, think of Xeriscape gardening as an additional technique that will make your water usage more “green” by using less to grow more.

Using the principles of Xeriscape gardening will allow you to plant and maintain your annuals, perennials, vegetables and trees in the most water-wise manner possible. Now, you will not have to use as much water for the same numbers of plants that you would like to grow in you garden or lawn area.

With as much as 25% of our water supply being used to maintain lawns and gardens, it is becoming increasingly important to learn to plant wisely, taking into account the type of soil you have, the sun exposure needs of your plants and the water needs of your plants.

There is no need to simply go without a plant that uses water heavily however, planting heavy water users all together will help save water and will also make the low water users in your garden happier. This method is one of the key elements to Xeriscape gardening.

You should also become familiar with the hydroponic method of gardening, which uses no soil.

With hydroponic gardening, nutrients are introduced directly to the root systems of the plants without having to be fed through the soil. This allows the plants to put less growth energy into the root system and more energy into producing foliage and fruit. Foliage plants will be bigger and fuller, and vegetable plants will produce more and larger vegetables.

Hydroponic gardens do not require large amounts of land or yard space. A balcony, deck or even an inside room can be used to grow large amounts of foliage and vegetable plants.

While the cost of setting up a hydroponic garden may be higher than planting a traditional garden, the results will more than make up for the initial investment.