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Monthly Archive: August 2018

Mens Leather Belts And What You Should Know Before You Buy

Trousers, jeans, chinos and even smart shorts all look better with a belt. Somehow, empty belt loops just dont look right. So, adding a smart belt completes the image? Not for long

Todays modern belts are often made of different and usually man-made layers glued together. The technical term is bonded leather.

But it says real leather on the belt! Yes, some belts do have the words real leather (or the leather symbol) stamped on the inside. So that layer might well be real leather. But what about the other bits?

After a period of time, the other bits make their appearance. The glue that kept them together starts to fail. The belt splits into layers as body heat, tension and pressure do their work. Examine the pieces closely and you may find a thin layer of cloth or webbing, a strip of padding and maybe a vinyl top layer.

Shoes and other footwear have symbols to explain their construction a leather upper, man-made sole etc. Unfortunately, without this same information on a belt, when the words real leather are seen the assumption is that the whole thing is leather. The manufacturers of this type of poorly labelled belt are doing nothing to set the record straight. Shame on them.

So, apart from the passing off of a belt as all leather, shouldnt it be ok to wear?

Well, man-made materials should be long lasting, so how long do these belts last? A few months? A year? More? Well that depends on the use they get. Anecdotal evidence varies. Cost is not a factor either. Unless the belt is made of semi-precious metal or stones, its the brand that pushes the price right up, not the raw materials.

Where do they break? At the pressure points. Where the prong fits through the strap. Theres a lot of tension on that little metal stick and the belt area near it. The other main failure point is round the back where the belt pulls against the belt loops when the wearer sits down.

At some point some of these bonded belts are no longer the smart accessory as theyve begun to disintegrate. Maybe not all belts and maybe not all the time, but enough for those who know to be a bit more careful when they are buying their next belt.

So whats the alternative?

Solid leather. Rather than split, it will give. Being solid leather it cant break into layers, it stays in one piece. (Unless you let the dog chew on it). After years of wear, when it gets a bit tired, it can be relegated to second best and worn during diy jobs or when gardening or working on the car, rather than thrown in the bin. These long lasting belts are often handmade in tourist and craft areas and maybe expertly tooled with patterns or images (native American Indian craftwork, for example). An overly busy pattern might not be right for formal wear, so a plainer finish is probably more appropriate.

So how do you tell what a belt is made of?

At the buckle end of the belt, look for the cut edge. Examine the cross-section and it will be obvious. Multiple layers of different shades and thicknesses give the game away. If the cut edge has been sealed then again it is probably man-made.

Ultimately of course it is a matter of personal choice. Buy mens leather belts or buy bonded belts. Either will look great in the shop. Just take care to see what the belt is made of and think of the use the belt is going to be put to (infrequent or every day, formal or informal). Then make that informed decision.

How To Stop Birds From Hitting Windows

There are many reports every year all over the United States about birds hitting windows on homes and buildings repeatedly. In fact, in just the United States there are an estimated 900 million birds killed from hitting windows every year. Now that sounds like a lot, but if you think about it, that’s really only an average of about 2-3 birds per house each year, with many people reporting more than 3.

The reasons behind all this window striking is mainly due to the refection birds see when it is brighter outside than inside your house. This makes it very easy for them to see everything that is outside reflected in the glass like a mirror. There are even many instances where the birds see its own reflection and will feel the need to chase that other bird they see (this happens a lot during breading season).

Therefore, this is a topic discussed numerous times every year about the best solutions to get birds to stop doing this.

So, at this point I’m sure some readers have already done some of their own research about different answers to get this stopped. Some for example are:

Sticking decals on the glass
Move bird feeders farther away from the house
Hanging things down in front of their windows
Installing screens
Even replacing windows with a ones that reflect down or bird safe glass

As a result, these techniques can help, but do not always get the job done and can get expensive after trying one thing and then another. Also, I prefer my bird feeders to be somewhat close to my house, so I don’t have to use binoculars every time I want a better look at a bird I see at our feeders. So the easiest, and in my opinion the best solution to this problem is a feeder that mounts directly on the window. And the reason this works so well is because the birds can very clearly see the feeder on the window, and will fly to the feeder to eat then away from the house when finished eating (which the flying away from feeders is the most common window hitting). This is also a cheap way to fixing the problem with window bird feeders only costing $12 to $25 on average, and are great for getting a close view of birds while eating.

I hope this was helpful and that you are able to save more birds from hitting your windows. And for your convenience there is a great new bird supply store online that has amazing organized selections of everything bird watching related with some great deals on window bird feeders as well (please see my resources for more information).

Health Benefits Of Herb Gardening

One trend that is quickly gaining huge popularity is herb gardening. People everywhere are starting their own gardens and producing great herbs and other plants that are much healthier and cheaper than the produce that can be purchased at the store. While it used to take a fairly large garden to grow herbs, it is now possible to have your own herb garden inside your home through a process called hydroponic gardening. This means that you will be able to enjoy the health benefits of herb gardening, even though you may have limited yard space or live in a small apartment.

Besides being a great experience, there are many health benefits of herb gardening. The first main health benefit of growing your own herbs is the added nutrition that you and your family will be getting from your food. Home grown food is higher in nutrition because it can be harvested at peak ripeness. This means that you and your family will be getting more nutrients from your food, which will lead to less medical problems. Another one of the health benefits is that garden grown plants are not contaminated with the harmful chemicals and pesticides that are widely used in commercial farming. These chemicals can be dangerous to humans, even in small amounts, so not having them on your food can help keep you healthy.

Aside from the health benefits there are many other benefits that make growing your own food a great option. Plants that are grown at home will be much fresher than plants that were picked, shipped, and sat in the store until you purchased them. The best tasting plants are the ones that are picked fresh and immediately used., and this is only possible for you if you grow your own.

Starting your own garden can be a great idea and also be a lot of fun. Try to choose herbs and plants that you will be using frequently and others that you may not be able to find in local stores. By growing your own herbs you will be getting all of the health benefits of herb gardening as well as better tasting food at a lower cost. If you are new to herb gardening and need some additional information, you can find tips, tricks, and suggestions on the Internet. There is a lot of information that will be able to help you get started with your own garden.