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Using Surveys In The Workplace

It doesn’t matter if you have hundred of thousands of employees, or just three, employee surveys are still necessary to ensure a smooth running organization. However, conducting surveys is more than just handing out forms and getting your employees to answer. To ensure the accuracy of survey data, you, as an employer must observe proper guidelines.

First, be clear about the goals of the employee surveys. Are the surveys to be utilized as gauges for salary increase or for amendments of company policies? It is also important to explain these objectives to the employees. It is advisable to discuss with them the rationale behind the need for a survey and why is it necessary. Another important aspect to discuss is how they will be informed of survey results. These people would want to see results. Second, contact an impartial third-party organization to facilitate and conduct the survey. This will assure employees that their answers and results will not be tampered with to the advantage of the management. Third, be clear about the time constraints. Conduct the survey within a specific time frame so that the process would be more efficient and the results would be achieved as quickly as possible. Fourth, emphasize the value of survey response. Aim for a hundred percent response rate to ensure that all employees have had their say. This will pave the way for a democratic compromise between you as the employer, and the employees. Let your employees in on discussions about these matters and you can be almost be assured of optimum survey results.

However, employee surveys are much more effective if there is a guarantee from the management. Guarantee your employees that your actions and the changes in the company will be based on the survey results. Inform them how you intend to act on these results. It is a good idea to suggest that the final move regarding the survey results would be based upon employer-employee compromise. Provide the means to conduct the survey. It is important that the means you choose should be based on the skills of your employees. An online survey program can process data faster but if most of your employees don’t know how to use computers or aren’t comfortable using one, a paper questionnaire survey is your best bet. In any survey, it is important to assure your subjects that their anonymity will be protected. Confidentiality of personal information is important to encourage employees to be honest in answering surveys.

Lastly, remind your employees that the employee surveys are done for the protection of their rights within the company. It is a good idea to remind them during the course of data collection about survey goals. Publish survey results to encourage your employees to participate in discussions of company plans.

Kitchen Food Dehydrators – A History Steeped In Piracy

How do you feed a world that is becoming increasingly hungry? This is not a new question and one that according to the Food Preservation Team from the Department of Nutritional Science at the University of Missouri has been plaguing food engineers for decades if not centuries. According to their research achieving this grand goal cheaply and efficiently on a global scale is the challenge. Food preservation through dehydration may hold the key to feeding masses of hungry people. While the future of food dehydration may be stellar, its history over the last several centuries may hold some surprises.

Food drying or dehydrating is believed to be one of the oldest methods of food preservation throughout human history. It allowed hunter-gatherer societies to successfully travel, explore and hunt for different food sources. The development of agriculture was the single, major factor that made it possible for mankind to settle in permanent communities and transition from hunter-gatherer nomadic tribes. How to save or preserve these foods for a later date is a whole separate study. Research has showed that the first ancient stable, settled, civilization arose in Mesopotamia and Egypt in the Middle East. The uncovering of dried fruits, grains and dried, salt preserved fish and meat are traced back to over seven thousand years to these first ancient civilizations. Farming eliminated the constant need to search for food and allowed populations to grow through the production of a more stable food source. There are neither volumes of recorded history nor any one source of collected material on food dehydration. However very recent Middle Eastern archeological digs have un-earthed food samples which research determined to have been dried foods originating in ancient Jericho over 4000 years ago. In addition, Old Testament Biblical scholars have been able to isolate bits and pieces of scripture which mention the preservation methods of sun-drying and smoking foods over a hot fire as a means of feeding their people.

For centuries, much of the European diet depended on dried cod, known as salt cod or bacalhau (with salt) or stockfish (without). It formed the main protein source for the slaves on the West Indian plantations and was major economic force within the trade routes of the day. The next mention of food drying doesnt emerge again until around 1630. At about this time in history a band of French mavericks began appearing up and down the Yucatan peninsula and Caribbean islands. They were known as the buccaneers. The term buccaneer was actually derived from the Caribbean Arawak word buccan which is referencing a wooden frame for smoking meat. The meat of preference at the time was the plentiful, slow moving manatee or sea cow. From this became derived in French the word boucane and hence the name boucanier for French hunters who used their wooden frames to smoke meat from feral cattle and pigs on Hispaniola (now Haiti and the Dominican Republic). History of course tells us the rest of the story about the buccaneers. English settlers occupying Jamaica began to spread the name buccaneers with the meaning of ruthless pirates when in reality it was referring to their ability to dry meat. The name became universally adopted later in 1684 when the first English translation of Alexandre Exquemelins book The Buccaneers of America was published.

Along with an amazingly colorful history which includes ancient roots and ruthless piracy, food dehydration is even today on the forefront of cutting edge food engineering and preservation. Todays food dehydrator is a surprisingly simple capsule of modern technology and historical know how. Todays typical kitchen food dehydrator has electronically generated air flow along with micro-processor governed temperature control. In place of the wood frame on the beach is an amazingly compact, ergonomically designed piece of history that fits snuggly on a kitchen counter. With multiple level trays, even air flow and constant temperature control a person can dehydrate a large volume of fresh fruits, veggies and meats literally over night. The simplicity, efficiency and very low cost of the modern food dehydrator is once again taking center stage in the complex world of food preservation and engineering. Developing nations and countries that have endured natural disasters are re-discovering the practicalities of food dehydration to feed their hungry masses. The buccaneers of yester-year had no idea how their simple practice of meat drying on the beach would become a modern means of feeding a hungry world.

How To Practice Gardening

Can you adore horticulture? By the run after regarding information on garden sprayers no doubts that you will be enthusiastic about garden. But It just isn’t really a great easy training study training. On the other hand it is not in which complicated too. Making use of correct attention as well as commitment is enough associated with to consider up a sensational garden. People frequently consider added on the revival and accessory associated with interiors of the home. Hitherto, the genuine the fact is in which, it’s the garden that any visitors would view very initial just before they’re going in to your house. Alternatively, the public short lived by would tag you on the bottom of the particular outdoor of your residence. Thus, preserving garden properly is essential.

Throughout in early hrs, there was not a number of equipment offered to work in the garden. As a result they had in order to be able for you to help labor challenging in the direction of its accessory. Now, it is possible to find different sort of equipment, which usually make your garden method really quite simple. Between varied sort 0of loppers and also laborers would be the greatest mixing ones If you would like the garden to check stunning, you have to eliminate the unnecessary shrubs growing close to. As an alternative, yet your own lawn would be would seem great basically when they go up persistently. Loppers occupy a enormous part in reaching every one of these errands. At the same time, as these can be easily utilized, there will be no a lot harm so that you can eliminate the needless bacteria developing within side the garden.

Individually from depriving them of the particular needless shrubs, you will also need to pay observe in the direction of good growth of each grow. Vermin and pests strike up about plants with your yard and also result in problem of their growth. Therefore, a person necessitates forfeiting near thought so that you can quit this kind of strife with inside their development lest an individual strategy throughout these assault of pests, you would like to squirt complementing way to kill pests in the initial. You will include so that you can apply the particular insect killer across the yellow gold region more willingly as compared to squirting about. Because of this, laborers tend to be regarding tremendous utilize.

Not really immediately for spraying bug fantastic, you may make utilization of this kind of so that you can normal mineral waters little plants also. There are a small number of crops which usually don’t require excess regarding normal mineral waters for development. You will simply need to squirt water above them. In such cases sprayers may be the appropriate device to become used. Thus, as you purchase garden resources, by no means forget experience these between these people. buy garden resources out of your surrounding retailers. In the event you anticipate buy only the key ones, then you can receive them from the around stores.

How To Fail At Csa Market Gardening

CSA market gardening is a great way to connect farmers and consumers. The farmer receives a good income and guaranteed cashflow, and the consumer gets a steady supply of fresh, local food. But your CSA can fail if you don’t avoid the following mistakes.

CSA market gardening mistake 1: Marketing. Community Supported Agriculture programs typically experience high turnover of customers, especially in the early years. You may lose as many as 40% of your customers each year. This means you need to be continuously marketing to find new customers to replace the losses, and even more if you expect to grow.

Marketing your garden doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive; the first thing to invest in is some good business cards. Cards are a cheap way to promote your market garden. You can print both sides of the card, perhaps using the back of the card as a coupon for new customers.

Mail-out flyers are also an effective marketing tool. Flyers let you target a particular geographic area, and a 1-page 2-sided flyer gives you lots of room to get your message across.

You should also consider creating a website for your market garden; having a web presence is expected of businesses these days. And a well-designed, keyword-focused, content-driven website is your marketing magic weapon, bringing in customers even while you sleep.

CSA market gardening mistake 2: Not growing enough produce. When customers join your CSA, they often pay you in advance for the season. You have to make sure you deliver great value for that payment. This starts with planning.

Since you know how many customers you have, you can plan your garden to make sure you have ample produce for everyone. For example, if you have 50 customers who each want one head of lettuce each week, you need to be able to harvest at least 50 heads. However, not all lettuce seeds germinate. And not all plants successfully grow to produce a harvestable crop. You can lose plants to insects, or disease, or bad weather. So to make sure you will have sufficient produce available, you need to build in a safety factor; that is, plant more than you think you will need. So to get 50 harvestable head of lettuce, you might start by planting 75 seeds; this will give you some allowance for losses.

And you have to take all reasonable means to protect your crop from the perils mentioned above. You need protection against insects, disease, flooding, predatory animals, drought, and storms. It does you no good to grow beautiful vegetables if you lose them before harvest.

CSA market gardening mistake 3: Not growing enough variety. Successful CSA’s grow lots of vegetables, and a large variety of vegetables. There are some good reasons for this: first, your customers will appreciate receiving something different in their delivery boxes each week. The more types of vegetables you grow, the more people you will appeal to.

The second reason to grow a large variety is for security of production. To give an extreme example, if you grew only two vegetables, and you lose one, your garden has lost 50%. On the other hand, if you grow 20 different vegetables and you lose one, you garden is still at 95%.

And finally, you need to grow a large variety of crops to stretch out your season. Different vegetables, and even different types of the same vegetable, mature at different times. The more you grow, the longer your potential season.

CSA market gardening can bring a great benefit to both farmers and consumers, if you avoid these mistakes.