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Is Low Blood Pressure Really Curable

Low blood pressure mainly occurs due when your blood pressure falls down than the normal. This mainly refers to the weakened state of the body system particularly lacking proper blood flow out from the heart by way of arteries. It is also referred to as hypertension.

Causes of Low Blood Pressure:

The causes of low blood pressure are weakness, lethargy, dizziness and fatigue. Sometimes the situation is that the person may faint due to the extreme lower pressure of the blood flow through the arteries to various parts of the body such as heart, brain and skeletal muscles.
Yet the main cause of the low blood pressure is improper eating habits. The lack of nutritional diet may result in the over-relaxed, stretched or flabby blood vessels. This all leads to the low supply of nutrients or oxygen to the tissue of the body. The malnutrition occurs mainly due to the deficiency of proteins, vitamin C, calories and vitamin B.

In few cases the blood pressure constantly falls down due to the loss of excessive blood from the body. It may also occur due to slow bleeding within bladder, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract or emotional problems.

Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure:

Salt: Salt is an effective home remedy for curing the low blood pressure. It is advised to increase the intake of salt in the diet till the blood pressure reaches to the normal. Try to take a half teaspoon of salt duly mixed in water every day.

Epsom salts Bath: To overcome the problem of low blood pressure it is advised the person should take hot Epsom bath every day till the BP comes to normal.

Beetroot: Beetroot is very beneficial to overcome the low blood pressure. It is advised that the person should consume one cup of beetroot juice two times a day to get considerable improvement.

Indian Spikenard: Indian spikiness is also very helpful in curing the problem of low blood pressure. It is advised that nearly forty to fifty grains with little bit of cinnamon and camphor should be taken with water three times a day to have beneficial result.

However, to treat oneself from low blood pressure it is important to rejuvenate or revitalize the whole system. To start with person should consume fresh fruits and vegetables for continuous a week, three times a day after every five hours. After this course he or she should start taking milk as well for at least 15 to 20 days. Later on the person should switch over to nutritious and balanced diet such as grains, seeds and nuts along with fresh veggies and fruits.

Apart from this the person should do light exercises like walking, cycling, gardening and breathing exercises. The person should always make himself or herself tension- free, happy and positive thinker to avoid the problem of low blood pressure.

Thus treating low blood pressure problem could be all that easy by following the above mentioned home remedies.

Home Decorating Ideas Workroom Inda Houze

House can become a comfort place to work as does in your office. There are some advantage when owning workroom at home, for example you can arranging your workroom as you want and of course enable to nearer with your family.This time we will discuss home decorating ideas about how to fix your home workroom with your profession.

The good thing is your workroom can really flexible because it is your own house, you can determine the concept by your own. Example one is you can choose 2 in 1 concept. This concept mean your workroom not only used to work but also do dissimilar activity, for example used to accept guess or your cliet and or just used to chat and relax with your family.

When implement 2 in 1 concept, better to choose located your workroom in public area of your house, example in sittingroom or terrace which not too far from house fences. Your workroom also can be accessed from 2 direction, from inside and outside of your house. The purpose are to simplify enter access to the room and to respect your family privacy.

One tips to make your clean your room aura : Leave open space between and around your storage items. When closets and shelves are packed too tightly, it cramps the flow of ch’i. Keep 20 to 25 percent of your storage space free so that new ideas, relationships and opportunities easily can come into your life.

Here some order you surely must,Separate from household members and distractions, Enough electrical outlets and power for all your equipment, Phone line(s) available, Enough room for a desk, chair, equipment, office supplies, and space to think and move around, Enough heating and cooling, Good ventilation, Windows for sunlight and fresh air.

Last is paint your workroom wit neutral color like yellow light or light blue. Now, Time to design and build your own workroom.

Ideal Garden Equipment Including Gardening Bags And Garden String!

In the event you read my current post about BBQs (suggestions and goods to enable you to create the perfect BBQ), you will be ready to determine about a number of the most popular items in the Garden Add-ons Assortment. There is nothing like sitting right down to unwind in your backyard and having the ability to admire how fantastic it seems, but this regrettably indicates you are going to also should commit a little of time tidying up the leaves in the lawn, decking and so forth (this solution is going to be beneficial for clearing up in front of your respective house also).

Until you happen to be lucky adequate to have some help, strolling round the backyard gathering garden waste which has a plastic bag blowing within the breeze can look like a tough and aggravating career. The Useful Hoop’ is really a brilliantly straightforward & easy to use merchandise which holds the bag open to fill easily.Just open the hoop & clip inside the refuse bag & close the hoop to secure. Its is as easy as that. It’s a robust, time saving device for speeding up one of many more thankless garden tasks.

What exactly are you going to cope with all that backyard waste though? If you are looking for extra storage for all those collected leaves and backyard debris, look no further than the Pop-Up Bag’ C this Garden Bags has a top cover, zipper & hard base it’s ideal for storing such things and perfect for use as a carrier for taking to the recycling centre C the zipped top prevents leaves & grass from spilling out whilst within the back in the car!

The unique spring design implies it holds itself open and collapses down for compact storage & transport. With padded handles, tear resistant tarpaulin fabric and tipping handle for easy emptying it’s a challenging working item, you are going to wonder how you managed without it!

The hard base provides extra strength & stability, and it’s pretty hard wearing. It opens to 45cm tall, has a 37 litre volume and 25kg load capacity. These backyard jobs just got easier!!

If like a few of our shoppers you’ve been looking for Backyard Twine, now back in stock is String in a Tin C Backyard String, which signifies you might have to look no more! Featuring a tin with a quite useful cutter on the lid, it contains approximately 80 metres ( 260 ft ) of backyard twine. It’s also a really helpful item to get inside the property with thousands of uses and is available in green and white.

The unique spring design implies it holds itself open and collapses down for compact storage & transport. With padded handles, tear resistant tarpaulin fabric and tipping handle for easy emptying it’s a difficult working item, you are going to wonder how you managed without it! The tough base provides extra strength & stability, and it’s fairly hard wearing. It opens to 45cm tall, has a 37 litre volume and 25kg load capacity.

Those backyard jobs just got easier!! See the full Backyard Add-ons Assortment, with new items becoming added all the time.

Make Your Goal Living the Simple Life

A recent article in the New York Times “the Island where People Forget to Die” by Dan Buettner really got my attention. I am a registered dietitian and yes it is a good goal to lose weight if you need to, and to lower your cholesterol, blood sugar and triglycerides if you are on medications for these conditions. I suggest a full examination not of your body, or weight but your total lifestyle. Coincidentally I am writing this article during the recent “Franken storm”. My “normal lifestyle” has changed to a much simpler one. This situation has given me reason to pause.

This article is a must read. It identifies a man in his mid-60’s diagnosed with lung cancer and given nine months to live. He chooses to return to his ancestral roots in Ikaria Greece. What occurred was astonishing. He adopted the local ways of living and his strength started returning. The years passed and his health continued to improve. Today, at 97 years old, three decades later he is cancer-free! He never received chemo therapy, took drugs or sought therapy of any sort.

So what happens on this island that improved this man’s health? Geographically the air and water have been identified as being responsible for extending life. There have been other communities with centenarians. There are similarities within all these communities that can be helpful for all of us to heed.

The residents of this island choose to have a simple life. Their day starts late morning with a breakfast of goat’s milk, wine, sage tea or coffee with bread and honey. Lunch includes beans, potatoes, greens and whatever home grown seasonal vegetables are available. Often dinner is small with bread and honey. Meals and social times extend late into the evening sharing stories, wine and or teas. The Ikarians farm their own vegetables, raise their own animals, and enjoy drinks made from locally grown herbs. Their focus is not on monetary success, multitasking and watching the clock; instead they choose to enjoy an enormous sense of community and time for daily naps.

As an RD I counsel patients and together we create goals. My initial assessment includes information for genetics, lab values, as well as diet and exercise habits. Very often it comes to light that my patients are under stress or don’t have a social network, in addition to other weight and health issues. The Ikarians don’t seem to have these stressors and they certainly seem to enjoy socializing with a close community of friends. Could these differences make so much difference with health? Research has indicated that dementia, cardiovascular disease in addition to cancer have been delayed or totally avoided.

The Times article has brought more of my attention to the importance of “way of life”. So let’s examine this way of life that seems to be so beneficial. Our cultural ways of multitasking, rushing and watching the clock are not included in Ikarian residents thought processes. Focus on taking naps, enjoying the social aspect of eating and having a lifestyle that naturally includes being active as opposed to gym time seem to reap impressive health advantages. Everyday life includes daily walking, gardening, and heavy manual labor. Another topic that I found extremely relevant was not particularly what these residents eat but what they do not eat such as sugar and soda. Their diets are based on the Mediterrean diet, a plant based format for Ikarians consisting of goats milk, wine, teas, coffee, whole grains, honey, beans, and home grown vegetables. The Mediterrean diet emphasizes whole grains, fruits, vegetables and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. This diet includes moderate amounts of alcohol but limited dairy and meat products.

Low intake of saturated fat is associated with lower risk of heart disease and olive oil has been found to reduce bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. Tryptophan found in nuts, seeds, legumes, soybeans and other soy products, tuna, shellfish and turkey is one of ten essential amino acids. The body uses tryptophan to synthesize serotonin which is helpful in regulating appetite, as well as elevating moods and increasing the ability to enjoy beneficial sleep. Coffee, also included in Ikarian diets, has been controversial but of late research credits it with lower rates of diabetes, and heart disease. Basically to summarize, the additional benefits of the Ikarian diet include fewer pesticides, more foods in their natural form and choices that are loaded with beneficial vitamins and minerals. There is no mention of packaged and processed foods or beverages.

This wonderful article really got my attention. It ended by the cancer victim showing no further signs of cancer, and returning to the US to ask his doctors if they could explain what happened. When the interviewer asked “What happened?”this former cancer victim replied “My doctors were all dead.”

Easy Steps To Gardening With Confidence

Thank you, good foods from Mother Earth, our life sustainers, for making us happy when we are hungry”. Chief Jake Swamp

Good food from the earth is organic foods. To keep your garden simple and healthy, you must insure that it has a healthy support system. Good soil and plant fertility go hand in hand.

Here are 5 tips to help accomplish your organic gardening goals.

1) Seeds, plants or shrubs must be planted at a particular time. Fruits and vegetables have a specific number of days from planting to maturity. Make a calendar, begin collection planting times, and include instructions for growing by each month of the year. In America there are many different growing zones. There are also frost zones. If you are familiar with these zones, growing and harvesting will be a snap.

2) A garden journal is of immense help. Take pictures of where each plant that produced well is located in the garden. Make note of planting times, where you received the plants or seeds from or any changes that may need to be made. There are many helpful computer programs available that will keep this type of information organized.

3) Using an organic method to grow and harvest foods definitely make a taste difference. Used directly from the garden, these foods can be served raw or with very little cooking, but always must be throughly washed and cleaned before serving. An added plus is no taste of being harvested and shipped green.

4) Growing a pollinator garden includes furnishing flowers, vegetables or both, that humming birds, bees and other insects will frequent. Up to 90% of plants, even the self-pollinated, benefit from cross-pollination and many different insects. The wind also plays a vital role in plant pollination. Honey bees, wild bees and bumble bees are beneficial. Be sure to leave a wild area in a corner for bees needs. Some are ground living, some will nest almost anywhere. Bees are drawn to many different blossoms and herbs. When bees and birds are present, the garden will produce more seed and fruit because the pollen is more live.

5) If there is no time or space, to make an organic garden then seek out an organic farmer. Maybe he comes to the local farmer’s market bringing fresh food daily or twice a week. Many times farmers feature pick your own areas when harvest is plentiful.

Ask friends and neighbors, or your neighborhood health food store for suggestions to find organic produce.